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Smart Shading

 Exceptional design, innovation and first-class quality
since 1952

The success story of Silent Gliss began with the ingenious idea to combine nylon gliders with aluminium tracks to make the first silent curtain track in the world. This initial invention was turned into a global business and Silent Gliss are now the leading supplier of premium interior window treatments across the world. Since 1952 they have been tirelessly committed to the development of the smoothest, quietest systems using state of the art technology. After the first "silent" curtain track, Silent Gliss designed tracks that could be bent and was the first brand to electrically operate curtains via push-button control. Silent Gliss stands for exception design, quality, innovation, sustainability, and tailor-made solutions, and Hallis are proud to be a manufacturing partner of this premium brand, as we deliver a first-class product for our customers.
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Metropole features an internal gliding channel, avoiding the need for curtain rings, to give the appearance of a pole but the ease and usability of a track. Metropole is uncompromising in bringing together precision engineering with considered product design for a curtain pole that performs as well as it looks. From the unique two-component glider to the seamless finial connection, each element is carefully designed to deliver something remarkable. Offered in 3 round pole diameters
(23, 30 and 50mm), and a rectangular profile (36mm), Metropole is available hand, cord or electrically operated. It is made to measure and can be curved on request, there is a wide choice
of stylish modern finals and comes in a stunning colour palette.

Systems include:
Hard Wired: SG7650
Corded: SG7630, SG7640
Hand: SG7600, SG7605, SG7610, SG7620
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Uncorded Curtain Track Systems

Hand operated curtain tracks are the most economical and simple to use. Silent Gliss offer a wide range to meet the needs of commercial or domestic projects. Inherently safe by design, they are suitable for hotels, restaurants and public spaces, as well as residential homes. Unobtrusive, elegant and with a smooth operation our curtain tracks can be bent for curved applications.

Hand Operated Track Systems include:
SG1020, SG1021, SG1025, SG1070, SG1080, SG1090, SG1280, SG3600, SG6010, SG6021, SG6243, SG6293, SG6380, SG6465, SG6820, SG6840, SG6870, SG6970

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Corded Curtain Track Systems

Cord operated tracks are suited for heavy or inaccessible curtains and avoids the need to touch the curtain fabric. Silent Gliss corded tracks can be bent for bay windows and other curved applications. Systems are available for all fabric weights, including heavier curtains.

Corded Track Systems include:
SG3000, SG3840, SG3870, SG3900, SG3970

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Motorisated Curtain Track Systems

With over half a century of experience with electric curtain tracks Silent Gliss offer a proven, efficient and reliable range of motorised tracks. Electric tracks are ideal for hard-to-reach locations, large or heavy curtains, or just a touch of luxury. They offer total flexibility on control, operate via a switch, remote control, the Move app or via a home control or building management system.

Electric Track Systems include:
SG5100, SG5600, SG5800
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Bespoke Curtains

The Silent Gliss made-to-measure curtain offer complements their premium curtain track systems with a remarkable range of fabrics, sewn by their experienced team of curtain makers. Select from the unique Swiss Pleat heading, or the contemporary Wave curtain style. The unique Swiss Pleat headings offer a delicate, understated heading aligned with more traditional curtain design. Whilst the Wave curtain heading transforms traditional curtains into a striking, modern design statement. Silent Gliss offers a wide range of fabrics tested and proven to work on both the Wave and Swiss Pleat curtain headings. From sheer to blackout, plain and textured fabrics, the collection presents curtain fabrics in colours to complement any interior design scheme. All Silent Gliss fabrics are flame retardant, and many have proven acoustic performance and sustainability credentials. The collection also includes fabrics with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties for healthcare environments.

Bespoke Curtains include:
Swiss Pleat Heading: SGSWISSCURT/MTM
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Roman Blind Systems

Roman blinds are perfect as a stand-alone blind or as a complement to curtains. Choose from cord, chain, or electrical operation. Silent Gliss can supply hardware only or a complete made-to-measure blind. Electrically operated Roman blind systems offer the additional ease of operation by a switch, remote control or via the Silent Gliss Move app. Battery operated Roman blind systems offer the luxury of motorised blinds without the need for complex wiring and are operated with ease by a switch or remote control.

Roman Blind Systems include:
Hard Wired: SG2350
Battery: SG2345
Chain: SG2120, SG2305

Contact our sales office for motorised blind information
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Roller Blind Systems

Discreet yet effective, the clean lines and modern design of Silent Gliss’ Roller Blind Systems complement any style, whilst providing maximum shading and minimum window obtrusion, and the latest technology. The Silent Gliss chain-operated roller blind systems are designed with a smooth operation so, even at maximum dimensions they work effortlessly. Simple sophistication, timeless quality. And finally the spring-operated roller blind provides the ideal finishing touch to both residential and contract applications. A unique speed controller ensures a controlled, smooth ascent, and an optional stop controller allows an upper stop limit to be set. Inherently child safe by design, this roller blind is particularly suited to installations in the home, hotels and public spaces.

Roller Blind Systems include:
Chain: SG4840, SG4905, SG4907, SG4910, SG4930
Spring: SG4900
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Motorised Roller Blind Systems

Silent Gliss motorised roller blinds are efficient and quiet. They have programmable intermediate stops and a built-in safety stop if the movement is interrupted. The wide range of systems accommodate all blind sizes, weight and preferred control methods. The Silent Gliss battery-operated roller blind combines wireless shading at the push of a button within a stylish headbox, designed for convenience whilst concealing the technology for clean lines.

Motorised Roller Blind Systems include:
Hard Wired: SG4880, SG4960, SG4970
Battery: SG4955
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Dim Out Roller Blind Systems

Total room darkening. Dim Out blind systems are ideal for domestic or commercial use in conference rooms, A/V rooms, medical areas, and bedrooms. Silent Gliss systems offer a range of sizes which can be fitted inside or outside a recess. The Silent Gliss Dim Out blind systems are delivered assembled, for both the motorised and chain operated versions, They are made to measure and powder coated in black or white. Fabrics are 'zipped' into the side channels and come with easy click-in side profiles and a choice of inside or outside recess fitting. Operation of the electric blinds is via radio remote control or with the Silent Gliss Move app.

Dim-out Blind Systems include:
Hard Wired: SG4760, SG4770, SG4780
Chain: SG4710, SG4730, SG4740
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Vertical Blind Systems

Silent Gliss Vertical blind systems combine design and technology, a shading system that is stylish and still allows you to control the level of light entering the room. They are well suited for floor-to-ceiling windows or as a room divider. In addition to straight louvres, we offer Vertical Wave (designed by Eva Marmbrandt), laser cut shaped louvres to add a contemporary twist. We now offer the unique, breath-taking 3D Vertical Wave. By combining new printing techniques and colour palettes, the range delivers eye-catching effects on the blind. Electrically operated blinds offer a touch of luxury and ease of use, and can be controlled by a switch, remote handset or by the Silent Gliss Move app. 

Vertical Blind Systems include:
Hard Wired: SG2950
Chain: SG2810
Crank: SG2900
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Venetian Blind Systems

Venetian blind systems offer the ultimate control over light and glare, adjustable vanes enable you to have just the right light and visibility. Choose from aluminium, leather or wooden slats. A wide range of colours and fabric tapes are available to completely customise your blind. Aluminium slats suit minimalist interior spaces; wood creates a warm feel, and leather conveys the ultimate sense of luxury. Choose electric operation for ultimate control via a wall switch or remote control. Alternatively choose the mono-control chain operation, where a single chain controls the tilting and raising and lowering of the slats. The mono-control cord system, where a single cord controls the tilting, raising and lowering of the slats, and it also features the unique 'Quick Drop' mechanism, where a gentle pull on the operating cord will cause the blind to descend in a steady, controlled motion. Or finally you can select the mono-control wand option incorporating integrated brakes for smooth control. Slats close perfectly thanks to the snap system and the popular privacy feature ensures no direct light penetration when the slats are closed.

Venetian Blind Systems include:
Hard Wired: SG8250, SG8960
Chain: SG8300
Cord: SG8910
Wand: SG8110
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Panel Blind Systems

The concept of sliding panels comes from Japanese culture. Silent Gliss were the first company to offer such a truly remarkable, creative design for interiors. Panel glide is suitable for use as a window treatment or room divider. Choose from straight or curved tracks, hand, or electric operation. Panel glide systems are perfect for today’s extensive glazed areas. Motorised panel glide options can be operated via switch, hand-held remote or the Silent Gliss Move app.
The Flex Panel system offers even greater flexibility and is suitable to a wide range of room layouts. The unique flexible carrier allows the system to be bent so that panels can glide smoothly and silently around tight corners, allowing the panels to be stacked away from the window. As a room divider Flex can be designed to create unique shaped spaces within a room. 

Panel Glide Systems include:
Hard Wired: SG2750
Cord: SG2710
Hand: SG2700

Flex Glide System include:
Hand: SG2730
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Pleated Blind Systems

Pleated blinds are one of the most versatile blind systems available since they come in a wide range of shapes and operating methods. They are lightweight, easy to operate and are fitted close to the window for maximum heat control. When the blinds are open, the minimum stacking area allows for maximum visibility. We offer a wide range of plain, patterned and energy-efficient fabrics to complement your windows.
Silent Gliss 'Type A' systems are ideal for rectangular or uniquely shaped windows. Choose from cord, chain or electric operation.
Silent Gliss 'Type B' systems include a side-guide and are ideal for rectangular or uniquely shaped windows, including tilt-and-turn windows up to an angle of up to 15°. Choose from cord, chain or electric operation. Type B model is also available as a shaped fixed pleated blind.
Silent Gliss 'Type D' systems include a side-guide and can be specifically designed for roof and pivot windows with an inclined angle up to 60°. Open and close the blind with a handle or optional wand. Please note: Type D models are restricted to rectangular window designs.
Silent Gliss 'Type P'systems feature permanent steel-wire tensioning and are specifically designed for ceiling windows, skylights, and wintergardens with a 45-90° inclined angle from the vertical. Ideal for rectangular windows and special shapes. Choose from handle, electric or crank operation.

Pleated Blinds Systems include:
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Skylight Shading Systems

The demand for skylights and wintergarden systems continues to increase as modern architecture uses larger expanses of glass to maximise natural daylight and views in both domestic and commercial buildings. Silent Gliss wintergarden systems combine side-guide profiles and soft-folding fabric panels to achieve an elegant interior window treatments that are ideal for glass roofs, atriums, or conservatories. The electrically operated Silent Gliss skylight systems are the perfect option for inaccessible systems, or just to add a touch of luxury, using a wall switch, remote control or via the Silent Gliss Move app. The Silent Gliss crank operated skylight systems allow operation via a detachable metal crank. Skylight Shading Systems are a special order.

Skylight Shading Systems include:
Hard Wired: SG2195, SG8600, SG8640
Crank: SG2910
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Cubicle & Room Dividers

Cubicle and room divider systems are best known for their use in multi-bed hospital wards. But they also have additional applications as shower rails or in other areas that require separation and overhead tracking. Other practical solutions for these systems include space dividers in health clubs, spas, changing rooms and offices.
Silent Gliss cubicle tracks are hand operated and can be curved to meet virtually any layout. All systems are made to measure to your exact specifications.

Systems include:
SG6100, SG6103, SG6650

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