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Quality fastening tools
staple guns & glue guns to suit your projects

The tale of Fiskars began in the village of Fiskars in 1649, where the company's first products were crafted. By the early 1980s, the manufacturing hub shifted to the neighbouring village of Billnäs, just 10 kilometres away. Numerous beloved Fiskars items are conceived, produced, and rigorously tested in Finland. Benefiting greatly from Finnish artisanry, Fiskars has traversed a remarkable journey from its inception as an ironworks in 1649 to becoming one of the oldest companies in the Western world today. Today, Fiskars products enjoy global acclaim for their functionality and innovative design. The iconic orange handle of Fiskars® Scissors symbolises unparalleled ergonomics and top-tier performance, with over 1 billion scissors sold since 1967. Every aspect of development and production, from hand shape to product utility, is meticulously considered, ensuring a flawlessly functional design without sacrificing quality.
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Rapid Staple Guns

Our manual staple guns by Rapid are easy to handle and to take with you to projects. They are ideal when using a limited number of staples but need a lot of muscle power or use regularly. The staple guns are lightweight and easy to handle, and perfect for soft furnishing projects. 
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Rapid Glue Guns

Glue guns are an effective and convenient tool for fastening various materials and can be used to fix different substrates together. We sell a good all-purpose glue gun, designed with reliable performance, value and safety in mind. 


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