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Whether you're looking for the latest trends or an all-time classic design that has stood the test of time, the ILIV and Hallis ranges of fabrics and voiles offer a stunning collection to choose from.

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ILIV Fabrics

The ILIV Collection features a stunning range of coordinating fabrics which have all been created by the ILIV in-house design studio to make decorating every scheme effortless and enjoyable. Hallis Hudson are proud to be the exclusive UK distributor for ILIV.



Inspired by the maximalist movement, Enchanted Garden is a celebration of botanical gardens, and the exotic flowers and bold architectural foliage found within them. The collection is designed to make any room in your home a little more exotic and provide a sense of escapism to distant shores.

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Water Meadow features a range of delicate hand painted watercolor floral and landscape paintings, which translate beautifully to create a fresh and contemporary interior. Designed to bring nature into your home, digitally printed cotton and linen look fabrics are mixed with delicate weaves featuring wild grasses and layered with soft boucle textures, to create a relaxing and calming space, which emulates the natural world.

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With its nod to the Bauhaus movement the Geometrica collection, through its diverse use of asymmetric pattern, bold colours and variety of fabrics is designed to create a truly tactile interior. This creative collection presents unique and energetic designs intended to create a more edgy, modern outlook through the introduction of oversized prints, graphic patterns, vibrant embroideries, and elegant velvets.

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The textile industry as a whole contributes 10% of all global carbon emissions and twenty-one billions tonnes of industrial waste. The two new ILIV Sustainable Plains collections are carefully considered fabric ranges committed to minimising the environmental impact and the devastating effects of climate change.

Reducing both the carbon intensity of activities and the natural resources used, the collection spans three hundred thoughtfully developed, textured fabrics across sixteen varying bases from Chenille’s to herringbone weaves.

All fabrics in the Sustainable Plains collection are suitable for drapery, upholstery and accessories.

Part of our plain fabrics offer, Sustainable Plains 1 and 2 are open to all Hallis Customers.

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The Archive collection is a compendium book, representing 55 of the best-selling, existing art & craft styled fabrics from earlier launches, from your rich jewel tones to fresher cool hues this collection includes selected, hand-picked fabrics from Art Deco, Arts & Crafts, Botanist, Chalfont, Cotswold, Highgrove, Isadore, Moorland & Sketchbook.

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