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A celebration of cultural heritages and styles

Museums are truly inspirational places, housing many artistic finds spanning centuries of creativity, from architecture and sculptures to textiles, ceramics and much more. Influenced by these natural treasures, the Museum collection is a celebration of our rich heritage, a glorious mix of cultural styles, far flung travels, and historical references; fusing grand country house style and exotic influences to enable individuals to create their own unique story in their own home. A sophisticated collection of six archive inspired finial designs, Museum captures the essence of quintessential English decoration, to epitomise timeless elegance, suited to both classic and contemporary surroundings. Hand crafted using the finest woods and traditional methods, all the wood used in our Museum collection is sourced from forestry commission responsibly managed forests, to ensure sustainable use, helping to protect global forests and habitation for animals and birds worldwide. 
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Museum Wood Poles

Beautifully hand finished here in Great Britain by skilled craftsmen Museum is available in six colours. The range is made up of classic neutrals and rich gilded finishes, which combine Dutch metal leaf with modern waxes to give a hard-wearing finish that stands the test of time, whilst offering strikingly opulent finishes with an air of quality. 

Available in 35mm, 45mm and 55mm diameters.
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Museum True Colours Painted Poles

A diverse collection, Museum is further enhanced by True Colours. A bespoke design service that allows poles to be painted in an array of colours selected from a range of paint suppliers, for a truly unique finish and superior level of individuality. 

Available in 35mm, 45mm and 55mm diameters.

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Museum Tracked Wood Poles

Our Museum Tracked Wood Poles allow the beauty of the wooden pole and the hand finished patinas to shine through. Combining the decorative warmth of a wood pole with the smooth functionality of a Silent Gliss track, your Museum pole can be ordered with a track to give a stunning finished look with the curtain heading running much tighter to the pole. 

Available as 45mm and 55mm diameters.

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