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Why Choose Signature Duette®…

March 2019

Duette® Shades feature a unique honeycomb construction that makes these shades soft, durable and highly energy efficient. The Duette® shades built-in insulating characteristics help keep the heat out in the summer and the warmth in during the winter. Highly versatile, Duette® Shades are available in numerous colours and a wide variety of opaque, semi-opaque and black-out fabric.

Rejoice in reducing your bills! Choosing a Duette® skylight will help to reduce heat loss with up to 46% more heat retained in the home they are fitted, which is a savour during those winter months. The heat retention is due to the unique honeycomb structure enabling the air to be trapped inside providing a warmer environment and cheaper bills.

Peace and Quiet... Not only does the honeycomb shape ensure better insulation but it also acts as a sound-proof layer to reduce the impact of outside noise in the home. Duette® unique acoustic properties absorb up to 45% of unwanted noise giving your customers chance to relax in their homes in peace and quiet.

Did you know you can order…

Duette® Skylights
Skylights provide rooms with a brighter and more open feeling than what standard windows can offer making them a wonderful fit for most homes. They allow plenty of natural daylight flood into a room, however it’s not always easy to find the right window covering. Some have the potential to let sunlight overheat your rooms in Summer and heat to escape in Winter. The various shapes and sizes can sometimes cause issues too, however Made to Measure Duette® blinds offer an ideal solution to your windows needs and a perfect fit every time.

Just like a standard Duette® blind, the Duette® skylights offer ease of installation. It comes in a wide range of colours and textures to fit any interior to make the skylight a real focal point of your room. They fit in the same way that a normal Duette® blind does and are exceptionally easy to measure, just the width and the drop is needed.

All Duette® skylight blinds are inherently safe and are available with the following controls:

Skylight blinds can be notoriously hard to reach, but with motorisation options there is no reason not to use Duette® blinds even for the highest placed skylight. You have complete control from the palm of your hand and are able conveniently set your blind to suit any mood or occasion. The Duette® Skylights are compatible with all Somfy® motors.

The Multizone range of Duette® Shades give you excellent versatility in how they open. You get the best of both worlds sliding from the top or bottom, or even combining the two.

Day & Night
A unique two-in-one set up which allows you to combine two contrasting Duette® fabrics and/or two different levels of transparencies allowing one window seamlessly endless possibilities.

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We’re Freezing Silent Gliss Prices…

March 2019

We’re happy to share the news that we’ll be freezing Silent Gliss prices until May 1st!

With prices set to rise by an average of 3% on April 1st it’s your opportunity to take advantage of current prices for a month longer!

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Get Smart in Home Automation with Silent Gliss…

March 2019

As more of us turn towards smart home systems for that added level of convenience and control, transforming motorised curtains and blinds into intelligent Shading systems is more popular than ever.

Smart by Silent Gliss offers you the solution, the Shading system allows for bottom bar alignment, up-synchronisation and complex scene settings through the combined integration of Curtain Tracks (5600), Roller Blinds (4960 / 4970 / 4880) and Roman Blinds (2350).

It’s open system with built-in, full two-way communication is designed to integrate seamlessly with leading Building Management Systems (BMS) allowing the window shading to work alongside other lighting, heating and audio home control systems.

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WFN March Edition is here...

March 2019

By now you should have received the March issue of WFN and we hope you’re enjoying reading it as much as we enjoy putting it together.

The March issue brings new products in abundance, from brands such as Silent Gliss, ILIV and Sunflex and we can tell you now you will not be disappointed. We are particularly excited by the SS19 ILIV pattern books. Bringing to you and your customers a mixture of tropical trends, classic interiors and oriental serenity, check out the ranges here. And how could you not be tempted by the new wood effect SOHO pole range, with their playful names and on trend colours, it’s definitely a range to explore.

In addition to new products, you will find one of our classic ‘How To’ articles, information on all upcoming events and training seminars and a behind the scenes interview with Lucy Shore, Creative Designer at Sunflex.

If you haven’t managed to put your feet up and have a flick through just yet, then what are you waiting for? Pop the kettle on and take 10!

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Introducing the new and improved Integra Masterpiece Collection…

March 2019

The Integra Masterpiece Collection has undergone a refresh which means the collection of two-tone poles will now come in a complete pole set, including finials and new cardboard transit packaging.

The collection commemorates the Baroque and Rocco styles of the 17th and 18th century. Recreating the grandeur of the periods with Baroque inspired finials in a choice of six opulent metallic finishes creating an undeniable feel of luxury.

A pole from the Masterpiece Collection is a natural choice if you are wanting to bring a rich, warm feel to your room. All the wood used in this collection comes exclusively from the sustainable resources of well-managed forests.

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Thanks for visiting us at the Scottish Interiors Showcase...

March 2019

February has kicked off the 2019 exhibition season with Hallis attending the annual Scottish Interiors Showcase for 2019. The feedback received has been extremely positive with the show organisers claiming that it was the best showcase so far. The show was held over a two day period at the Macdonald Incyra Hotel along with over 150 exhibitors and we showcased what’s new along with well loved products.

If you were lucky enough to attend and bump into our Scottish Area Manager, Graham and Internal Account Manager, Neil, you will be aware of what’s new and you may have even had a demonstration or two… Some highlights included the new Silent Gliss Roman Blind system, new Somfy Motors and new H646 colours and we sparked plenty of conversations around home automation.

March show’s no sign of slowing down as we attend Irish Interiors and Design Central in Exeter, watch this space!

For One Week Only! £1.55 per metre on H652 Finesse Premium PolyCottton Satin...

February 2019

From Wednesday 27th February to Tuesday 5th March 2019 our H652 Finesse Premium PolyCottton Satin lining is on offer at £1.55 per metre.

The perfect companion for today’s modern mixed-fibre fabrics our Hallis Finesse Premium PolyCotton Satin (H652) is a luxurious, easy to work with lining that combines softness and handle of cotton with the inherent easy care properties of polyester.

A densely woven satin lining with enhanced sheen, the cloth has 122 x 52 picks and ends per inch to create a fuller lining with excellent opacity, creating a heavier weight lining that drapes beautifully. The lining is available as Creased & Lapped Folded Half Width or as Full Width Rolls in a choice of colours.

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Introducing ILIV’s New Spring/Summer Collections…

January 2019

Maldives, Orientalis, Pembury and Voiles Collection 1 are the new Spring/Summer collections from ILIV. From trailing florals, structured geometrics, checks and stripes, the range of delicate and bold fabrics can be used to create striking, modern or classical interiors.

Designed to make it easy to see at a glance how the different fabrics can combine or coordinated, the pattern books are laid out to help you make the perfect selection every time.

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