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NEW Silent Gliss Roller Blinds 4930 / 4970…

May 2019

Silent Gliss have introduced two sleek new systems to their Roller Blind Ranges, SG 4930 (chain operated) and SG 4970 (motorised). Both are medium sized roller blinds with brackets and bottom bars in white, black or grey and can be supplied up to 3.4m wide. Silent Gliss use only the highest quality components and the new systems are powerful with a smooth and controlled operation.

System SG 4970 offers the convenience of electric operation. It can be controlled by mains switch, radio remote control or can be integrated into any building automation/home control system using the Smart by Silent Gliss motor.

Protect your curtains with our H646 Lining…

May 2019

Protect your curtains with our high-density Finesse Luxe PolyCotton Satin Lining (H646).

Woven with a higher pick count of 122 x 56 (additional threads), the extra density of the lining helps protect your expensive face fabrics from sun damage and enhances the drapability of your curtain or blind for a truly luxurious finish.

Finesse Luxe has excellent colour fastness against the Sun and complies with BS standard 5867 Part 1 achieving a Grade 5, the same as Solprufe which is known for it's great colour fastness.

Available in 5 colours, Chalk (New), White (New), Stone (New), Pearl and Ivory, Finesse Luxe lining can be perfectly co-ordinated with your face fabric.

All of our linings are despatched on the same day if ordered before 6pm.

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New Roman Blind Systems 2304/2305 from Silent Gliss…

April 2019

Silent Gliss have introduced two new Roman Blind systems 2304 and 2305 which feature a powerful magnetic breakaway device bringing a new innovative solution to child safety.

Separating from the headrail when a weight of 6kg or above is applied to the chain and easily reattached by positioning the device at the end of the headrail allowing the magnets to reconnect, these new Roman Blinds are both elegant and compact.

Ideal if a longer chain of up to 60cm from the ground without the use of a chain retainer is required, system 2304 offers a gear ratio of 1:1 with a weight limit of 2kg whilst system 2305 offers a 1:4 gear ratio and 4kg weight limit. Both allow for a maximum drop of 3.4m.

Supplied with a metal chain as standard along with the option of having a white plastic chain, each system can be top or face fix using the same standard bracket and is also compatible with all Smart Fix brackets.

For total peace of mind the systems are complaint to EN 13120 and approved by Bureau Veritas to be used with both our rear cord breakaway devices as well as those by Silent Gliss.

Both systems are available as a standard chain operated blind and can be ordered using our 3 working day despatch Made to Measure service or as components. There is also the option to order complete roman blinds with a selection of Silent Gliss fabrics - please allow 4 to 5 weeks for the blinds to be despatched.

Making room for these new blind solutions, systems 2020 | 2120 | 2320 | 2330 have all now been discontinued.

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New Crank Arm for Elite Made to Measure Roman Blinds…

April 2019

We’re excited to introduce the NEW Crank Arm for Elite Made to Measure Roman Blinds.

Offered as an alternative control option alongside Chain and Motorised, the Crank Arm is an inherently child safe solution for operating blinds. Ultralight and simple in design, it makes light work of raising and lowering blinds. Also, as the arm hooks on and off the blind it's ideal for use in both domestic and commercial applications such as schools, hospitals and public buildings as you can operate multiple blinds with a single crank arm.

Choose our 3 working day Made to Measure service and we can tailor the arm length to your requirements, making it easier for you to operate those hard to reach blinds.

Elite Roman Blinds are available as Made to Measure or in Component Parts. When ordering your Elite Made to Measure blind online, simply choose ‘Crank Arm’ as your control option then continue to fully customise your blind with ease. Opt for components and you can assemble your blind easily, plus with single pack sizes and quantity discounts available when buying two or more components, it's the perfect choice for a workroom of any size.

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Somfy® has a new quieter motor and it's in stock now…

April 2019

Somfy® has a new quieter motor and it's in stock now...

As more of us turn towards motorisation for that added level of convenience and control, the need for a quieter motor solution is more important than ever.

Incorporating some of the latest technology, the NEW Somfy® motor with a soft start/stop function offers improved sound dampening and more consistent speeds to reduce the amount of sound emitted.

Alongside the motor there’s also a NEW discreet Li-ION rechargeable battery pack. With a higher capacity meaning one overnight charge can give you up to 12 months battery life, it's small size can be fitted easily into the most challenging of spaces.

It also comes with handy brackets and is compatible with extension cables in sizes 25cm, 120cm & 240cm giving you greater flexibility when installing your blind.

Both available on Made to Measure orders, simply choose motorisation for your Made to Measure Elite or Professional Roman Blind when ordering online and our dedicated team will then create your blind with the new Somfy motor to your requirements. You can also buy the new motor, battery and extension cables as Components.

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2019 Hallis Trade Showcase…

April 2019

Come and join us for the very first Hallis Trade Showcase on Wednesday 15th May, 9am - 5pm at Pine Ridge Golf Club, Camberley, GU16 9NX.

After numerous requests from customers around the country that are currently not served well from exhibitions in their areas, we wanted to bring you the very best of Hallis all under one roof!

Featuring the brands you know and love such as Silent Gliss, Sunflex, ILIV and Dannells. The day will include insights from industry professionals, product showcases and talks, training and demonstrations, not forgetting a light lunch and refreshments.

A series of seminars covering topics such as Motorisation and Home Automation, Silent Gliss Wave Guide and Lamp Shade Making will also take place on the day.

If you would like to see any other topics covered at the show or would be interested in seeing an event in your area, we would love to hear from you email [email protected]

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Why Choose Signature Duette®…

March 2019

Duette® Shades feature a unique honeycomb construction that makes these shades soft, durable and highly energy efficient. The Duette® shades built-in insulating characteristics help keep the heat out in the summer and the warmth in during the winter. Highly versatile, Duette® Shades are available in numerous colours and a wide variety of opaque, semi-opaque and black-out fabric.

Rejoice in reducing your bills! Choosing a Duette® skylight will help to reduce heat loss with up to 46% more heat retained in the home they are fitted, which is a savour during those winter months. The heat retention is due to the unique honeycomb structure enabling the air to be trapped inside providing a warmer environment and cheaper bills.

Peace and Quiet... Not only does the honeycomb shape ensure better insulation but it also acts as a sound-proof layer to reduce the impact of outside noise in the home. Duette® unique acoustic properties absorb up to 45% of unwanted noise giving your customers chance to relax in their homes in peace and quiet.

Did you know you can order…

Duette® Skylights
Skylights provide rooms with a brighter and more open feeling than what standard windows can offer making them a wonderful fit for most homes. They allow plenty of natural daylight flood into a room, however it’s not always easy to find the right window covering. Some have the potential to let sunlight overheat your rooms in Summer and heat to escape in Winter. The various shapes and sizes can sometimes cause issues too, however Made to Measure Duette® blinds offer an ideal solution to your windows needs and a perfect fit every time.

Just like a standard Duette® blind, the Duette® skylights offer ease of installation. It comes in a wide range of colours and textures to fit any interior to make the skylight a real focal point of your room. They fit in the same way that a normal Duette® blind does and are exceptionally easy to measure, just the width and the drop is needed.

All Duette® skylight blinds are inherently safe and are available with the following controls:

Skylight blinds can be notoriously hard to reach, but with motorisation options there is no reason not to use Duette® blinds even for the highest placed skylight. You have complete control from the palm of your hand and are able conveniently set your blind to suit any mood or occasion. The Duette® Skylights are compatible with all Somfy® motors.

The Multizone range of Duette® Shades give you excellent versatility in how they open. You get the best of both worlds sliding from the top or bottom, or even combining the two.

Day & Night
A unique two-in-one set up which allows you to combine two contrasting Duette® fabrics and/or two different levels of transparencies allowing one window seamlessly endless possibilities.

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Get Smart in Home Automation with Silent Gliss…

March 2019

As more of us turn towards smart home systems for that added level of convenience and control, transforming motorised curtains and blinds into intelligent Shading systems is more popular than ever.

Smart by Silent Gliss offers you the solution, the Shading system allows for bottom bar alignment, up-synchronisation and complex scene settings through the combined integration of Curtain Tracks (5600), Roller Blinds (4960 / 4970 / 4880) and Roman Blinds (2350).

It’s open system with built-in, full two-way communication is designed to integrate seamlessly with leading Building Management Systems (BMS) allowing the window shading to work alongside other lighting, heating and audio home control systems.

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